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Mensaje de Nuestro Presidente
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Mensaje de nuestro Presidente
Km 15,5 Vía Daule, Parque Industrial “Pascuales”
Calles: Cobre y Rosavín
Telfs: (593-4) 5012093-5012094
Mensaje de nuestro Presidente
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Certificate ISO 9001:2000
Environmental License

FUNDAMETZ S.A. relies on technology top of its line to guarantee the specifications of all the products we deliver to our clients. The result of our alloys, is surrendered to tests of espectrovacía, chemical and traditional analysis. Particularly, our BAIRD laboratory allows us to obtain a percentage accuracy of 4 decimals. 

Nevertheless, in FUNDAMETZ S.A. we understand that the Quality rlies not exclusively with a product that fulfills extrictamente the specifications requested by the client. For us, it turns out indispensable that the concept of quality is applied to all the processes involved in production.

Each of the necessary steps to transform the raw materials into the products that our clients need, must be done under quality parameters. Quality begins with planning and requires that each of the departments is coordinated accurately.  Beginning with the compilation of the raw material, guaranteeing that  the inputs needed to be imported or to acquired locally are available in time, that the necessary maintenance are planned so that the production processes are not interrupted, that the personnel is qualified and motivated to offer an ideal performance, according to the established chronograms, that the clients and suppliers are attended adecuatelly, that the funding of the operation takes place fluently and profitably, and that all the processes are done avoiding environmental impacts, Total Quality means perfect products, outstanding services and remarkable processes.

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