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Mensaje de Nuestro Presidente
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Mensaje de nuestro Presidente
Km 15,5 Vía Daule, Parque Industrial “Pascuales”
Calles: Cobre y Rosavín
Telfs: (593-4) 5012093-5012094
Mensaje de nuestro Presidente

FUNDAMETZ S.A. was born out of the merger of two companies: OXIDEPLO, dedicated to the production of Lead Oxide for lead acid battery manufacturers and other industries, and BERA ECUADOR, a non ferrous metal smelter.  Both were giving over 15 years of experience and customers from their respective turfs.  In 2004, both companies merged in one under the name of FUNDAMETZ S.A.
FUNDAMETZ S.A. was born with a clear environmental and international focus.  Our main reason to exist relies on recovering metals that if, otherwise were disposed or recover in an unappropriate fashion, may pollute our environment.
FUNDAMETZ S.A. is the only ecuadorian company that has an Environmental Certificate that enables us to process and recover used lead-acid batteries.  The Very illustrious Municipality of Guayaquil performs periodic environmental  audits monitoring the air, the soil and the water to guarantee that pollution does not take place in our processes of production.
To be able to work under  the most strict international standards, we have implemented a system of total quality and constant improvement that allows us to control each of the processes involved in our operations.
Currently, our products are sold in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, The Caribeean, Spain and Singapore.

FUNDAMETZ S.A. generates more than 80 direct jobs, but the operation of compilation of scrap in the whole country, with more than 350 points of compilation, implies more than 1500 persons. These jobs collaborate with the sustainable development of our country. To support them supposes a social responsibility that forces us to be much more productive.
All our collaborators are implied by the process of Total Quality and Constant Improvement. Our Personalized Program of Incentives gives them the possibility of professional and economic improvement , better understanding the contribution of every position to the chain of value of the Company.
Though all our processes are performed under the most strict conditions of safety and hygiene, from time to time, our collaborators are tested to be able to early detect any anomaly that could take place in case of unexpected pollution.

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