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Mensaje de Nuestro Presidente
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Mensaje de nuestro Presidente
Km 15,5 Vía Daule, Parque Industrial “Pascuales”
Calles: Cobre y Rosavín
Telfs: (593-4) 5012093-5012094
Mensaje de nuestro Presidente

If we had to identify our most important priority, protection of the environment would be chosen.  We know our recycling activity, recuperating non ferrous metals, is key to keep our soil, air and water resources clean and free of pollutants.  Our operations avoid the missmanagement of potentially contaminating waste that, otherwise, would be deposited on landfields.  Returning these materials to the industrial process, in the form of new raw material, gives us a protaonic role in the sustainable economic development scene.  Any economic model that bases its development upon the consumption and disposal of reusable materias, is shortsighted and poorly focused.

Of the disposed goods, under strict international confinement standards .

Our processes of neutralization of the electrolite from lead-acid batteries, is done using top of the line technology.  All testing done, proves that, after the whole process, the only element left over is water, that returns to the operations to be used in different industrial activities.

Since lead contamination is a potential threat to human health, it becomes imperative that environmentally sound recovery methos are applied to any product disposed containing this metal.  To avoid this situation, it is imperative to ensure that each of the steps involved in the recovery, are performed technically in a proper manner to avoid contamination.

The unsupervised processes of the past, when plenty of informal smeltrs used inadecuate equipmetn to melt down lead scrap, were extremely polluting.  FUNDAMETZ`S technology allows the processing of all that scrap with no environmental impact.  One of the most important features of our technology is the fact that the final process leaves " Green ecological drosses " (not lixiviables). This type of dross guarantees that the minimal percentages of lead that they could contain, do not dilute with rain (not even with Royal Water, simulating acid rain), preventing them from filtering to the soil up to coming to the aquiferous.

Periodic and externally supervised controls, guarantee that our filtering sistems operate correctly within international standards.

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